Welcome to Prism Volleyball's homepage. Our club is home to three teams for our first season in PSRVB and JVA.


U15 Sapphire - 1 (OH/RS/M)

U15 Topaz - Full

U17 Sapphire - 1 (OH/RS/M)

If you are interested in one of the openings above, please email signups@prismvolleyball.org following the guidelines listed under HOW TO EMAIL US (scroll down on this page).

Important Docs and Forms
2023-24 Teams
  • For openings on the team, please send us an email outlining your previous volleyball experience. (Ex. Clubs played for, school team level.), positions played and height.
  •  To email us, please cc. your parent/guardian or we will not be able to contact you. 

About Prism Volleyball Club

Non-profit Organization

Prism Volleyball Club is a non-profit oganization focused on providing youth athletes the opportunity to play competitive volleyball to develop team building and leadership skills essential for high school and collegiate level competition and studies.


All teams will complete in the PRSVB Power League and other local and regional tournaments.

Established 2023

Prism Volleyball Club is a brand new club established for the 2023-24 season. The club is located in Kirkland, WA and will be practicing in the Kirkland and Bellevue area.


U15 teams will practice three times a week.

U17 teams will practice two times a week.

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